Development and Retention of Personnel:
Security Guard Solutions, Inc, security supervisors and managers are valued as vital and appreciated assets in contributing to the reputation and success of the Security Guard Solutions, Inc In recognition and gratitude of this, Security Guard Solutions, Inc conducts regular reviews of employee performance in affording an opportunity to award those who have executed outstanding conduct, via salary increases, bonuses and promotional advancements as a means of inspiring outstanding work ethics, as well as employee longevity and enthusiastic workplace morale.
Security Guard Solutions, Inc understands that a happy employee is a productive employee. As such, I n pursuance of developing and encouraging improvements in service, Security Guard Solutions, Inc utilizes its resources to continually manage and test employees on the field using methods such as:

• Job Shadowing
• Mentoring
• Job Rotation
• Online Courses
• On-site training
• Conference/Seminar Attendance
All development procedures and plans are created to inspire growth, reliability and refinement. Security refinement. Security Guard Solutions, Inc prides ourselves with a 14% Turnover Rate and an
86% Retention Rate.

Management Car and Inspections:
One of Security Guard Solutions, Inc essential assets and resources is the security service management personnel. Diligence is exercised by management and our supervisory staff in order to maintain the appropriate security performance criteria. We encourage our management team to grow and develop in what we hope is permanent work at home.
The prime responsibility of our management and supervisory personnel is to
maintain continuing attentiveness in overseeing that all aspects of our clients’
Post Orders are being adhered to by our security guards; consequently, our
managers and supervisors.
Regularly frequent each of our clients’ venues to ensure that our security guards are maintaining every aspect of their duties and responsibilities.

Security Monitoring and Reporting Dynamics:
Security Guard Solutions, Inc dedication to quality management assurance is augmented via the technological utilization of Security Guard Solutions, Inc hand- held mobile device that advances the vital ability for Security Guard Solutions, Inc to monitor, report, receive and respond immediately to security issues. Security Guard Solutions, Inc also requires the scanning of security checkpoints, which provides confirmation reports affirming our clients’ surveillance instructions in monitoring specific locations of their venues. In amplifying the surveillance dynamics of security protection, management will oversee the employment of body cameras that each security guard will use in furthering our comprehensive attention in maximizing security mindfulness and reporting.
Security Guard Deployment Discernment:
Security Guard Solutions, Inc maintains the astuteness that all guards do not fit
all venue applications, owing to the variance of a guard’s experience,
knowledgeability, disposition, and other determining factors, thus affording Security Guard Solutions, Inc the performance advantage to deploy the discretionary security personnel that is the best appropriate fit for your property.
Owing to Security Guard Solutions, Inc commitment to maintaining superlative
standards of security safeguarding conduct, we sponsor our own proprietary security service school, which provides a full scope of security service curriculum and
criteria for exceptional security conduct. Security Guard Solutions, Inc also enrolls
our security personnel in independent security academies including Firearm
Training and Security Protection.
Because of the extensive spectrum of security service applications, owing to the
broad variety of industries, venues and security service requirements, Security
Guard Solutions, Inc sponsors job specific seminars that educate, orient and train
our guards in exercising the appropriate security service behavior in addressing
these respective job variances.
Security Guard Solutions, Inc requires all security personnel to attend our
ongoing seminars and training classes, which are scheduled every 90 days, in sustaining the knowledge and skills that are a requisite for our security guards
and security supervisors to apply in achieving outstanding security support
results for our appreciated clients.
In maintaining California State Law, Security Guard Solutions, Inc personnel must recertify their security license with the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) every two years.

Security Personnel Attire:
We at Security Guard Solutions, Inc are keenly aware of the importance of professional security attire and appearance in effectively projecting security authority; consequently.
all security guards, when deployed for duty, wear regularly cleaned and pressed Security Guard Solutions, Inc uniforms that sponsor a Security Guard Solutions, Inc badge and identification patches that pronounce Security Guard Solutions, Inc guards are required to wear solid black shoes (absolutely no tennis shows) and a security duty belt.